The Canning Volunteer Fire Department are committed, well-trained men and women from our own and neighbouring communities who risk life and limb every day to protect lives and property. We prepare to meet a wide range of challenges at any hour of the day or night, in any weather, and often under the most perilous circumstances.

Canning Volunteer Fire Department accepting donation

Canning Volunteer Fire Department fundraising chairman Terry Porter, left, and Chief Rick Weisner, right, accept a $4,000 donation in memory of Joseph Allain from Colin Morgan and Carole Allain (centre, left and right, respectively). A portion will go toward the fundraising goal for a new fire station and civic center.

Smaller communities like ours in Nova Scotia rely on their residents to devote much of their time to training and answering numerous emergency calls as skilled volunteer fire-fighters. We’re your family, friends, and neighbours ready, willing, and able to save lives and property at a moment’s notice.  We’re dedicated to serving you and in turn must count on your support to perform our duties.

Fire-fighters save hearts and homes.

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